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Home Plate :: Baseball Movies :: Everyone's Hero

Everyone's Hero

Everyone's Hero movie

This film stars the voice talents of Rob Reiner, Whoppi Goldberg, William H. Macy, Raven and Brian Dennehy. We are especially excited about this baseball movie because it is the first animated movie dedicated to baseball!

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Plot summary:"Yankee Irving" is a heartwarming comedy-adventure, telling the story of a young boy's thousand-mile journey to help Babe Ruth and the New York Yankees win the World Series.

Reviews from our users [Review this film]

"Everyone's Hero is a great film for kids, but also a refreshing film for adults as it is the first full length animated movie about baseball. The plot was very creative and the animation, although not Pixar quality, was vibrant. It was a treat to see the old ballparks in an animated form. The talking baseball and bat complimented the film. The ending was a little disappointing and over the top but not enough to ruin my overall thoughts of the movie. Add this to your show the little league team list." --Jason of



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