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Home Plate :: Baseball Movies :: Fever Pitch
Fever Pitch DVD

Fever Pitch

Rating: PG-13 Length: 101 mins. Year: 2005

Starring: Drew Barrymore, Ione Skye, Jack Kehler, James B. Sikking, Jimmy Fallon, Lenny Clarke


Movie Description
High school teacher and Boston Red Sox fan Ben Wrightman meets successful businesswomen Lindsey Meeks and they immediately hit it off. Despite being from very different worlds, their relationship seems to be perfect ...until Opening Day! Now Lindsay is introduced to another love in Ben's life, his obsession with the Red Sox.

Fever Pitch Trailer

Fever Pitch Movie Review

Reviews from our users [Review this film]

"Reminds me of my home every baseball season. Great date flick. There is a wonderful dynamic between Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon."
--Heather of Orlando, FL

"This movie is even enjoyable if your a Red Sox Orioles Fan ...reminds you of the innocence of the game of baseball, about loyalty and the passion of a fan that only baseball fans can identify with. Fallon is fantastic in his role. The release of this film sharing the same year with the Red Sox getting the monkey off their back(there is no such thing as a slump, they just sucked for 86 years) - this movie will stand the test of time and be considered an all-time great as the years go by ...FANTASTIC baseball movie." --Randy Howlett

"If you've ever wanted to explain to your spouse or your boy/girlfriend what it's like being a *fan*, then have them watch this movie. Maybe, just maybe, they'll start to understand." --Roland

"Wow. Greatest plot ever. For once it was about the fan. Focused on the true life of a Boston fan." --Fallon