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Home Plate :: Baseball Movies :: Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

Rating: PG Length: 106 mins. Year: 1989

Starring: Amy Madigan, Burt Lancaster, James Earl Jones, Kevin Costner, Ray Liotta

Movie Description
Struggling Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella obeys a voice telling him to replace part of his cornfield with a baseball field. Soon thereafter Ray experiences the appearance of Shoeless Joe Jackson and seven other 1919 Chicago White Sox players. Ray continues to hear voices which leads him to a reclusive author to help him interpret the meaning of the messages and the field.

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Reviews from our users [Review this film]

"I don't know a baseball fan alive who doesn't consider this one of the all-time great baseball films. This one ranks high as one of my top 5 baseball movies . I watch Field of Dreams every year and each time I appreciate it more. Unlike other baseball films, Field of Dreams is not just about how some player, coach or team overcame obstacles to succeed. It's about relationships, dreams (of course) and putting everything on the line to build something you don't quite understand. There is not many baseball movie scenes quite like when the White Sox players leave the field and disappear into the corn fields. If you haven't already, drop what your doing and go buy this DVD."
--Jason of

Field of Dreams Movie Clips

If You Build It He Will Come

People Will Come

Archie at Bat

Ray and His Dad Play Catch

Batting with Shoeless Joe Jackson

Holding Up Terence Mann